Dog Forced To Grow Up In A Rust Box Gets Emotional When She Touches Grass For The First Time

It’s nearly impossible to believe that anyone could actually be intentionally cruel to one of our beautiful canine friends. But unfortunately, there really are people out there who abuse their animals just because it gives them a sense of power over another living thing.

Little Liszka is a beautiful dog that was forced to grow up in the worst of circumstances. Since she was a tiny puppy, her abusive owner forced her to lie in a tiny rusty cage surrounded by her own droppings. For months and months, she was cooped up in this tiny cage and knew nothing of the outside world for so long. She was so stationery that her back legs actually began to seize up from lack of use.

While it’s terrible that her awful human abused her so horrifically, we can all be thankful that a group of rescuers happened to come across the poor animal begging for love. Her human was so aggressive to the rescue team that they actually had to call the police for help.

Since then, baby Liszka has been surrounded by humans who actually know how to treat their animals with respect. And while her legs are still in the process of healing, as she strengthens herself up and gets back to health, doctors are hopeful that she’ll be back to normal in no time! Meanwhile, her abusive human is facing some hefty animal abuse charges — justice will be served!

Liszka was actually horrified of all humans when she was first rescued, but when you look at her face nowadays? It almost seems like she’s laughing because she loves the feeling of the earth under her paws so much! For anyone who doesn’t believe that animals have emotions, you might want to watch this precious angel.

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Family Moves And Abandons Pit Bull Like Trash, Then Neighbor Snaps A Photo To Beg For Help

AMichigan family moved away and left their pit bull, named Boo, to fend for himself. A neighbor couldn’t believe it when he saw Boo sleeping on a mattress left on the side of the street with all the trash the family didn’t want.

The family even came back for a few of their belongings and still they did not take the dog. The neighbor was so heartbroken he snapped a few photos and posted them on Facebook to beg for help. The neighbor called every dog rescue in the area, but no one wanted to help Boo.

Then a man named Mike Diesel saw the lonely creature. He drove out to visit Boo, but he knew he had to build trust.

“As far as building up the trust that started Sunday the 16th at 2:30 p.m. when I arrived and I stayed that night until 1 a.m. talking and getting acquainted with Boo and feeding him different food items,” said Diesel.

Diesel came back the next day and was able to get a leash around Boo’s neck. Then he took him directly to the vet to get help. The dog has heartworms, but Diesel is getting him the help he needs.

“Boo has warmed up to me in an amazing way already and truly shows and proves the love of the pit bull and trust they have in humans,” Diesel said.

Boo’s family may not have wanted him and they may not have loved him properly, but it looks like he is finally with someone who truly cares.

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Cop Sees A Dog Running Along The Road. When He Pulls Over, Watch What The Dog Does.

It was a cold, quiet Wisconsin morning when a lone black labrador was seen running on the side of the road in a small-town neighborhood. When police officer Jeff Gonzalez caught up to the dog named John Boy, he could see the dog was nervous, barking, and anxious for the officer to get out of his cop car.

Then, the pup started running up the street. As it turned out, John Boy’s owner Krystal suffers from a heart condition. This incredible dog was trying to grab the officer’s attention and flag him down while leading him in the right direction.

Before Officer Gonzalez knew it, he was standing in front of the house where Krystal was unresponsive. There she was, slumped over in a chair on her front porch, still wearing her pajamas. She was freezing, her lips were blue, and at first the officer thought she was dead.

After he called for assistance, Krystal was brought inside. Krystal’s daughter received a phone call alerting her to the fact her mother had been sitting unconscious in the cold for a whole hour before John Boy was able to connect with the officer and save the day.

Krystal recovered in the hospital and couldn’t wait to be reunited with her four-legged hero, and the officer who went out of his way to listen to her loyal dog.

In the touching video below, watch as Krystal meets her knight in shining officer, Officer Gonzalez. And if you can believe it, John Boy had been adopted and returned to the shelter three times by different families before ending up with Krystal forever. It was truly meant to be.

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Garth Brooks Stands Frozen In Shock When Randy Travis Unexpectedly Sings After Massive Stroke

In 2013, country singer Randy Travis suffered a debilitating stroke caused by a viral infection. The Grammy-winning artist, known for his distinctive baritone vocals, underwent numerous surgeries while in critical condition.

After six months in the hospital, Travis fought back and recovered. Miraculously, he gained his voice back — though he still can’t speak in full sentences.

Travis, 57, was inducted into the 2016 Country Music Hall of Fame. During the medallion ceremony in Nashville, Tennessee, he unexpectedly broke into a rendition of “Amazing Grace” while standing at the podium.

No one expected it, and everyone was speechless.

“Randy stared death in the face, but death blinked,” his wife, Mary Davis-Travis, announced to the crowd. “Today, God’s proof of a miracle stands before you.”

Garth Brooks was one of the many artists who honored this year’s inductees. He also stood beside Travis onstage while he accepted the award.

Travis is the first country artist whose debut album went platinum in the first year it was released.

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Selfish Litterbug Throws Trash Out The Window, Then A Biker Teaches Her A Lesson

Every year, more money is spent on cleaning up the litter that many people thoughtlessly toss onto streets and grounds. In the following video, one woman in Russia becomes so fed-up with the littering she witnesses on a daily basis that she decides to jump on her motorcycle and do something about it.

And I mean, she really does something about it.

Like some masked, environment-friendly vigilante, this woman rides around town with a camera strapped to her helmet, waiting to spot guilty litterbugs in action.

First, she catches drivers throwing trash out their window and onto the ground. Then, our caped crusader rides right up to their windows and delivers a healthy serving of justice. But you’ll have to watch to find out her methods of punishment.

No one was harmed, no violence occurred, many viewers think this sends a great message to folks everywhere: Stop littering, or else!

Do you think she took it over the line, or do these people get what they deserve?

Video Credit: Неуловимые. Последний герой & Look Media Solutions

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Sick Mom’s Son Wraps His Arms Around Her, Then Lifts Her Out Of Wheelchair For Wedding Dance

Ason’s wedding day is a huge deal for any mom. It’s the moment her little boy becomes a man and takes on a brand-new role.

He’s a husband now and it’s an incredible step forward in his life.

It can be difficult to accept that someone else will be taking care of him, but hopefully you’ve gained a wonderful new family member and can look forward to some grandchildren in the years to come!

Something else to look forward to: You’ll be able to share a beautiful dance with him at his wedding reception.

For Amy Winn, her son Stephen’s wedding was a chance to defy the odds and share a dance with her son despite the fact that her multiple sclerosis left her in a wheelchair.

For their dance, Stephen bent over and lifted Amy out of her chair, then started moving his mom around thedance floor.

You can see the emotion on both of their faces throughout the dance, as well as on the faces of the wedding guests watching from their tables.

This a moment that both mother and son can cherish forever as a completely unique experience that truly shows the love between them.

It’s impossible not to be touched by this beautiful moment.

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She Braids All Her Hair Under Her Chin, Then Flips It Over Her Head For A Stunning Look

If you’re like me, finding a nice hairstyle to complete your look in the morning is a struggle. It seems to be the same every day, but if you do alternate looks, the styles are not always extraordinary.

I have short hair, so I often opt for a small braid or a low ballerina bun. But there are so many ways to spice up these boring looks, and they’re surprisingly easy to master.

One woman’s stunning hairstyle is now taking the internet (and all beauty gurus) by surprise. Her technique is almost contradictory: She braids her hair in front of her face.

Anyone who has done hair knows that the point of tying your hair back is partially to get it out of your face, but this woman includes a twist at the end that changes everything.

Now watch her hands carefully as she takes the two parts of her hair on either side of her face and braids them together, almost like a French braid.

Then, in a single sweeping motion, she overturns the braid, flipping it over her head so that it rests on her back. This creates an elegant hair twist on either side of her face, and a lovely look anyone can try out for themselves!

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210-Year-Old Tree Gets Uprooted During Storm, Then Skeleton Of Young Man Is Found Underneath

The Earth holds so many secrets. There are depths that haven’t yet been traveled and land that hasn’t been traversed.

And no one knows what will be found there when those areas are finally discovered.

Maybe a new species of dinosaur is just waiting to be researched on some far off island. Or one of the great mysteries of our history will be solved. (They never did find Amelia Earhart after her plane went down all those years ago!)

But what’s the most intriguing thing of all? When there are discoveries made right under our noses. They’ve been waiting there this whole time and no one has bothered to notice.

Or something was hiding them, protecting them for as long as we’ve been around.

This is exactly the kind of mystery that has developed in Collooney, Ireland, after an ancient beech tree was uprooted. Hidden beneath the tree was the shallow grave of a man who lived 1,000 years ago.

His skeleton is in good enough condition for researchers to draw a few conclusions, none of which point to a happy existence for our mystery man.

He was found to have been a tall man who lived a hard life and died a violent death, with many stab wounds to show for it.

Now that’s a crazy discovery!

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Elephant Races Into Water When She Sees The Little Trunk Of A Drowning Calf

Bath time is a pretty relaxing experience, as long as you don’t hate water!

Elephants bathe together in herds, using their trunks to clean off their bodies. Older elephants teach the calves how bath time works, as it’s not something they just know how to do.

One day at Elephant Nature Park, one baby elephant got separated from the herd because the water was moving too fast.

Yindee was almost fully submerged underwater. His little trunk was the only thing sticking out when his nanny, Ponsawan, saw him and raced into action to save the day.

Ponsawan pushed Yindee through the water and never stopped until he was finally reunited with the rest of their herd! Despite how much water was rushing toward them, she kept going and they were able to make it back safely.

You can see more of the elephants’ adventures, like Noi Nah’s transformation over one year, at Elephant Nature Park here.

If you enjoy this rescue, then you will also enjoy this fellow elephant at the park rushing into the water to save a human she thought was drowning.

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[Video credit: Elephant Nature Park]

2 Dogs Refuse To Be Separated After Owner Dumps Them In Shelter, Leaving Workers Stunned

No human would want to be separated from his or her best friend. The mere thought of being so far apart  is enough to make anyone break down. Dogs are the same way — not just with their owners, but with other pups they develop close friendships with.

Two dogs, Chewy and CC, were living in the same home before their owner put them up for adoption.

Of course, it may have been easier for the shelter they were placed in to adopt them out separately, to different families. But the Animal Rescue League of Iowa decided to make them “bundle buddies,” meaning that if a person or family wanted to have one, they would have to bring the other into their home as well.

It only took a few months for the cuddling duo to find their forever home, and they were able to stay together, joined by two other dogs and even a pig! They’re having a blast adjusting to their new environment and family.

Chewy and CC are two dogs who happen to be the best of friends. They are often seen cuddling together, despite the discrepancy in their sizes.

The Animal Rescue League of Iowa had one stipulation: if you wanted to adopt one, you had to bring the other one home too. They would not be separated under any circumstance.

Luckily, the two pups were able to find their forever home within just a few months!

They can now cuddle together for as long as they please.

Now they have new friends: two humans, two other dogs, and even a pig!

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